Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management

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Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management Inc. (LTAM) is an SEC-registered independent advisory firm established in 1982, which provides access to:

  • Expert wealth management advice
  • Market analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Fund selection and asset allocation
  • Diversification strategies

Whether for individuals, families, foundations, endowments, retirement plans or profit sharing plans, LTAM delivers personalized strategies and a full range of investment solutions.

LTAM’s Five-Step Investment Process

LTAM believes that planning for financial success includes applying core investment principles of portfolio diversification, risk management, and disciplined long-term investing. With this as a foundation and working with clients’ advisors, LTAM uses a five-step process to determine what customized investment philosophy best suits an investor’s unique requirements.

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Ladenburg Thalmann Asset
Management’s Investment Solutions

Ladenburg Asset Management Program (LAMP)

LAMP provides an opportunity to receive a complete and diversified asset allocation in a structured environment. Portfolios are built based on five strategic allocations, utilizing either high quality mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or a combination of those which are considered tax sensitive. Specialty models are also available at higher investment levels for clients looking for additional income or greater exposure to international markets.

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Investment Consulting Services (ICS)

The ICS program is a comprehensive, personalized investment management program designed to help those with considerable wealth accumulate and preserve their assets. In this program, individuals, institutions, foundations, endowments, retirement plans, and profit-sharing plans receive access to a boutique list of investment managers, across the spectrum of asset classes.

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Retirement Solutions

LTAM offers a unique, fully transparent fee-based retirement platform, which complies with the latest 408(b)(2) regulations. The program offers solutions for a variety of retirement plans, including 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, 403(b), 457 SEP-IRA, and Simple IRA. Investment choices are available offering mutual funds, ETFs, and actively managed LAMP portfolios in lieu of target-date funds.

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Alternative Strategies Fund

The Alternative Strategies Fund is a closed end interval fund that incorporates alternative products and allows clients to access these investments with lower minimums and no accreditation. The fund seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns with low to moderate volatility and low correlation to the broader markets, through a concentrated multi-strategy alternative investment approach with an emphasis on income generation.

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Private Investment Management (PIM)

With the PIM program, LTAM offers clients discretionary investment management and execution services for an asset-based fee. Clients have access to professional money management customarily reserved for institutions and may invest in securities such as individual equities, bonds, options, government securities, ETFs, and mutual funds. Clients utilizing the PIM program may include individuals, trusts, retirement plans, corporations, and other organizations.